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For Sale Stainless steel tanks


Aug 28, 2022
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I have around 60 stainless steel tanks for sale. They were used for medical liquid oxygen. They are double tanks one inside the other. The 46 liter tanks are Approximately 15" diameter and 37" tall weight is Approximately 53# They can be modified to use for anything that you want, the sky is the limit. I think that they would be great for brewing beer, but I know nothing about brewing beer. I have sold several of them to guys who were planning to make Whiskey. I have 3 sizes to choose from, 46 liter, 31 liter, and 21 liter tanks. $60 each. I am located in Florence AL. I prefer that they be picked up locally but I would be willing to ship them at the buyers expense. Photos are available at the link below.