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Support for BIAC


Apr 26, 2015
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I am waiting for a minor change, which I believe is in the pipeline.

From the BREWHA web site, November 24 2014:
There are a few minor limitations to the program (relative to the BIAC) which Brad Smith said he would address in the next update. The primary one involves the deadspace calculation for strike water volume. Since the area below the Mash Colander when it rests in the 3-in-1 should not be used for calculating water:grist ratio it is technically 'deadspace' for mashing, however it is not lost water since it is used in the boil. A future update will allow for a deadspace calculation that only applies to mashing.

Is this included in 2.2.13, and if not, what is the expected time frame for this change?

Cheers ...