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The estimated brewing water consumption


Oct 16, 2017
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About the brewing water consumption during brewing process, there are some point where need to use as follows:Take 2000L system as example
1. Mashing Water: For example 2000L system, if we brew 12 plato beer with malt:water 1:4, it will need about 2000/5*4=1600L.
2. Sparging Water: According to ourself brewing experience, it normally take 20% of brewhouse volume. In calculation, the water consumpation about 2000X20%=400L.
3. City Water during Wort cooling in the heat exchanger: For example two stage heat exchanger. The wort will be cooled by city water and glycol water.
During wort cooling process, we can adjust the valve to control city water consumption. Accoring to our brewing experience, it needs about 1-2 times city water consumption.
4. The rest is tanks washing and piping washing, we can use the recycled hot water.
Then overall, the city water consumption about 2-3 times of brewhouse tanks volume. Hope it can help you further if you are looking for some datas like this.

Let us know if you have different ideas and we can talk it further by email brewery@cnbrewery.com