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The style parameters do not change


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Oct 3, 2023
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When I change the amount of water, the density, bitterness, and color parameters are not modified.

Reinstalling the program does not solve it

Can somebody help me?
A little more information about what changes you are making would help in understanding what is going on.

Generally, the program works on a model which uses the brew house efficiency to determine the amount of sugars which make it into the fermenter. Changing any water volume except for the volume to fermenter will not change the values at all, as the program just recalculates the amount of sugars extracted from the mash.

The calculation of color and IBU is similar in response.
How are you changing water volume?
I change batch size to adjust water volume. All the parameters you mention will be changed as a result.
the same bus with 10 liters as with 100 liters, I don't think it is correct with the same amount of hops

thank you for the interest.


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To elaborate a bit on how the program works. It calculates the water needed for the brew. You can enter as much or as little water into the recipe and the program will still default to the calculated values. All calculations for gravity, color and IBU are based upon the calculated values for volume.