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Transfer to new Computer


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May 23, 2024
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I read a similar thread but it does not answer my question so here goes.

I installed BM2 on a new computer. It is registered and working. I have copied my old folders across but none of my "My Recipes" show.

Under "Documents -> BeerSmith2 -> Archive" there are a 1000+ files. When I use the "Open" file command then I see the recipe in a new tab. I can drag it across to "My Recipes" but this is a very tedious process doing one by one. How do I get all my recipes back into "My Recipe" folder.
If you have access to the old computer you are looking for the file "Recipe.bsmx" which had all your recipes in it. Also you can go to File->Export All from the old computer to export my recipes to a single file.