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Trying lighter beers



Hi everyone. I am from Fort Worth,TX and love to brew. I have made alot of heavy beers which is what I enjoy. I just started to make light beers or perhaps the last recipe I batched which was a real hoppy mineral water. I am confused on the batch. I assume the ingredients weren't enough. Does anyone have a light IPA with a semi sweet after taste. In comparison would be a honey brown with more hops. I look forward to the conversation.


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Feb 16, 2006
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Bundaberg Qld Australia
IPARULES, I would be interested in seeing your recipe including your mash schedule. I think the easiest way to get the sweetness your after in a low alcohol brew is:

1. Raise your mash temp to 68c or above resulting in a more dextrinous wort.
2. Use more crystal style malts that will increase the body of your beer and also the sweetness.
3. I have noticed (and this is an opinion only) that larger quantities of flavour and aroma hops tend to lend the beer a sweeter and fuller/richer wort. This is may only be a perception based on the extra flavour/aroma in the beer from the late hopping.