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Jun 13, 2011
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First off, I love the change in BeerSmith 2 to adjust the unit precision for each measurement type. I'd love to see it taken further, though.

I weigh my hops in grams. I use a 0.1/500 gram scale and it has better precision in grams than it does in ounces. JZ gives most of his hop measurements in grams. Besides, it is just way easier to use grams for hops than fractions of an ounce.

However, I buy my hops in ounces, as does virtually everyone else in the US. It would be nice if I could use grams for measuring my hop additions and ounces for anything related to buying hops - that includes adding to the shopping list with the 'add to cart' button and setting the price. My hops are $1.25/ounce, not 5 cents per gram, which rounds to more over $1.41.

I'm not sure how you'd implement this in the interface, but anything to reduce the amount of time I spend changing units in the options screen and whipping out a calculator and multiplying/dividing by 28.35 would be awesome.

Here are a few other things I noticed:

The priming sugar calculation units are directly tied to hop units.
There is no precision configuration for strike water ratio (see: mash water rounding issue in another thread)