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Versions of brews to be saved separately


Jul 1, 2014
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Versions of brews to be saved separately so that you can see the evolution!
I agree this is critical to tracking our improvements to each recipe we brew from. I thought this would be included but wasn't able to find it. I am having to print each recipe and make manual notes on it. sort of counters the whole premise of moving to a digital system.
I copy the recipe to my brew log when I am ready to brew it.  Then after it is brewed, I move it to a sub-folder for completed recipe.  Doing this, I can sort all recipes by name and date to get a complete brewing history of the completed brews.

I think a great feature of this would be the ability to click up and down to the different versions (as you can with changing the version numbers currently), and the data change - this would mean you can click back and forth really quickly to remind you what you changed. Or maybe the colours represent the version changes.
I agree. The software I use at work for Bills of Materials allow you to do this, and it's great. We can scroll through the versions, which allows you to see which items are changing very easily.

It would be great if these different versions travel with the recipe when uploading to the cloud too. I've got the ability to save 300 recipes in the cloud, but it's just messy having all the different versions sprawled out individually. I would love to scroll through my versions on my phone while in the LHBS, and/or make quick substitutions on a new version based on what they currently have in stock.
I don't see how upgrading versions of Beersmith can incorporate people's workarounds. The longer it takes to come up with something, the less likely people will upgrade their software IMHO.
As the information would just be a very small amount of data it wouldn't slow it down. Probably add 0.0001% to overall database size.