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Water Calculation for BIAB Anvil Foundry 10.5


Jun 18, 2017
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I'm moving to the Anvil 10.5 from a standard propane kettle BIAB and I'm using beersmith 3 for the first time to develop a recipe - the numbers look off though - how can there be more volume in the into bottle than into the fermenter?  attached picture


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    beersmith water question.PNG
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So questions:

1.  What is your loss to trub in the fermenter? 

2.  Are you adding your starter volume to the fermenter?

These may give some clue to where the volume is going.  For actual help with the volumes, it is more useful to take a screen shot of your 'vols' tab where the volume throughout the whole process can be observed.  Even better yet is to export the recipe as a .bsmx file and post it here so that people can see the whole process and give feedback.
Thanks - a couple of updates  - additional screen + printed recipe


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Yup, and follow the volumes from the fermenter.  You put in 19.87 liters, lose 0.95 liters to trub which makes it 18.93 liters total.  Now, you have checked off the box to add the starter to the bottling volume.  So that adds 2.2 liters giving you a finished total of 21.13 liters.  While technically, this volume is added to the fermenter, giving you a total of 22.07 liters in the fermenter once you pitch your starter, the program does not list it this way.  The net result is approximately the same though.

Seems pretty straight forward.  The program usually has the information available to track back where issues may come from or for the user to compare actual measurements versus estimated ones.
Thanks - very helpful , I'll decant the liquid off - so i'll change that parameter - appreciate the help