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Water profile tool question: "Save Additions to Target"


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Jun 11, 2010
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Hello everyone! I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to modify an existing water profile then re-save it. It's probably me not doing something correct (or misunderstanding the function...) but when using the "Save Additions to Target" button, is the purpose of the function to update the loaded Target Profile with how you've modified & tweaked the water profile?

What I am doing is loading a profile, in this example "Irish Red #1, I want to slightly tweak that mineral profile so I play with the variables, then I hit the "Save Additions to Target" button, which opens the box to save it. It looks like it's saving the mineral additions but not updating the altered mineral profile section. If I clear everything and start over after saving, it is back to the old mineral profile values.

Ultimately I can just save it as a new profile and delete the old one, but this was frustrating me as I thought the process I outlined above would work. What am I doing incorrectly?



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Apr 5, 2003
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It is a little confusing - the save additions was a feature used earlier in V1 and early 2 to let you save the water additions as part of your water profile and then pull those additions in when you added the water profile to the recipe.

In V3, now that the water profile is part of the recipe builder, most of us just set up a base water profile for our water source and build the salt additions in the water tab within the recipe so we can target the profile we want for the recipe. So in practice the "save additions" and water profile additions field are not used that much now.

The only hitch with the in-recipe system is that you want to adjust your water last - after you've got everything else done with a recipe: