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Water Profiler


Jun 12, 2011
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First up, great work, very excited that you back on it and upping the anti on brew software. I've got a recommendation/suggestion for the water profiler.

The water profile tool is great how it is as an isolated tool, but on a brew day or during recipe developement I see the opportunity to really get this tool singing. I'll step through how i see it being used.

In the Recipe design tab I add my target water 40L of Dortmund please - no changes here
Then I double click the water item in the recipe and open the water box - no changes here
from this box I click the 'open water profiler tool' button - new button - water profiler opens in box
from here I perform my dilutions and pick my base water as normal and make my additions/click 'Calculate best additions'
click save addition to target - with would then bring back the salt additions into the 'Water' box and populate the 'Additions (weight) to achieve this water'.
The 'Additions (weight) to achieve this water' would scale automatically based on the 'Amount' value used in the recipe.

Again I see this as stream lining the interface and cuts down the back and farwarding. Currently if I want to make an adjustment to my water additions i need to go back into the water profiler via the tools tab reopen my new saved water profile, make my changes, save this, go back in to the recipe, delete my water from the recipe ingredients (or use substitue) and bring my new water back in again. This need to be done even if I just want to adjust the volumn used. As for the on the fly usefullness of theis on brew day  :D

With this done, it almost negates the need to add water additions via the misc items, very nice and easy to use and cuts down the clutter in the ingredients list too..

Love you work, keep it up