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What Are The Types Of Wine Fermenters?


Apr 12, 2020
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With the degree of consumer preference for wine, it also makes more and more types of wine fermenters on the market. Of course, its style is constantly changing. Today, Cerel Pre-Treatment Equipment Supplier will introduce you to the type of wine fermenter. Let?s have a better understanding of it.

Wine Fermenter

Wine Fermenter

First of all, according to the Wine Fermenter on the market, the materials can be divided into stainless steel fermenters, oak barrel fermenters, concrete fermenters, etc,. Of course, each kind of wine fermenter of different materials is in shape and size. It is also different.

In the history of the development of wine fermenters, the early wine fermenters used clay crocks as wine fermenters. And with the advancement of technology, limestone ponds can also be used as wine fermenters and then came into concrete fermenters. Finally, it has become two common barrel fermenters and stainless steel fermenters.

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