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what's up fellas.....


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Sep 8, 2013
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about time to make an intro.  Been brewing for a number of years with extract with steeping grains.  I'm more of a hobbiest than a fanatic but only because I have other hobbies as well, mainly chopping up old ironhead sportsters. That's where the name came from, combining the two things I love to do in the garage.

I'm from the Lake Oconee area in GA and I work in the low voltage industry doing home automation, security, audio/video distribution, etc.  I also have a second gig as a pyrotechnician, mostly doing the player intros for the Atlanta Falcons, but other one-off shows as well from time to time. Even went on tour for three months back in 2010.

I've been lurking around the forum and playing with the program for a few months now and I'm very impressed. I'm currently in the process of gathering all my recipes and filling up my own small section of the cloud.

Simple answer: All of them.  I do tend to steer toward pale-ales and darker brews. Just did one a few months ago for a motorcycle club rally that was somewhere between a Baltic Porter and a Schwarzbier. It was very tasty and I just duplicated it adding some cinnamon and ginger to take up to an Ugly Sweeter Christmas party in a couple weeks.