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Why does my Stout smell like Flowers?


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Jun 8, 2008
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I have an oatmeal wheat stout on tap right now and its been there for a couple of months now.  It turned out really good but now that I'm nearing the end of the keg I've noticed some things. 

There is an aroma that I just can't place but the best I can say is it smells like flowers, cologne or perfume might be a good descriptor too? 

It doesn't taste bad, in fact the smell isn't related at all to the taste of the beer this is purely an aroma thing.

Anybody have any idea? 

Thanks in advance WR.

p.s. I did toast the oatmeal before  putting it into my mash in case that helps
Yeast and mash temp?  It's possible the combo produced some flowery esters that are coming forward as the hops and/or acidic nature of the dark grains are mellowing. 
Alcohol level?  There are many types of alcohols, some of which turn estery/flowery over time.
Ahhhhhh, things I would have never of thought of.  The alcohol came in at around 4% but I don't remember the fermentation temp.  My guess is that it was around 67-70 degrees and I used an Irish Ale yeast for fermentation.