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Cheers, everyone!
« on: December 10, 2006, 10:03:33 AM »
Realized I never posted an intro, thought it might be civil.
I'm out in Ft Collins, but spent the last year in Portland, OR, and I'm happy to say, I don't miss the beer. Odell, New Belgium, Coopersmiths and the other breweries in town, Avery down the way, plenty to keep my "research" well-supplied. 8)
I've only done one batch with extract, steeping some grains for a porter that was so well-received I was instantly hooked. Got a mash tun and turkey fryer with 7.5g SS pot, and it was all downhill. 13.5 cu ft kegorator in the garage with three forward-seals and two more on the way, working on building a bar around it. I love playing with yeast harvesting and ranching. My favorite styles to drink and brew are most anything English and most anything Belgian. I've made a number of lagers that came out ok, the most recent being a pumpkin bock (should post that recipe) that has gone over pretty well at the season's festivities.
When I moved back to CO, there was no homebrew club, so with the help of a few dedicated brewers I started Liquid Poets, and now finishing its first year we have over 55 members, three oak casks, a communal beer gun, an annual summer and winter club-only party, a fresh-hop group brew-in, drafting our first-annual AHA comp for the spring, planning to serve at the AHA conference... so many things. Next year I'm stepping back to VP, which is a relief, and hope to get even more brewing done than this year.
I've been hooked on BeerSmith since I first got it a couple years ago. If there's ever a holocaust and my computer goes... my beer will suffer!!! :o :o :o
Thanks Brad.