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Oxiclean and Sterilizers (and such...)

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CJ started this in another line...

Can you use oxiclean for a sterilizer or just a cleaner?  I saw the stuff at the store but it appears to be a laundry detergent.  How much do you use?

I primarily use bleach an iodophor for sterilizing - bleach on glass because its cheap and iodophor for the kegs, chiller and other copper/stainless items...

Other suggestions are welcome as well!


I use dishwashing detergent to clean glass after I take the beer out of the primary or secondary.  Really gets to hops off the sides.  The rest is the same...bleach to sanitize and Idophor for kegs.  The only thing I've ever done to sanitize bottles is to run them thru the dishwasher, no soap, extra hot water and dry cycle.  Never had any batch go bad from not being sterile (a few due to coming up with a sucky recipe tho!).

I did learn a neat trick on the bottles -

Just get a big 5 gallon bucket and fill it with bleach water and let the bottles sit in it until you need them.  When its bottling day, rinse them out with a bottlewasher and some warm water and then use them.

Its very sterile, requires virtually no prep time and the soaking will losen up just about any bit of disgusting stuff that may be in the bottom.


Oxiclean and PBW are both cleaners, not sanitizers. I use about half a spoon of Oxiclean to clean out large Erlenmeyer flasks (2 or 4 liters), and that works well. But, don't let it soak for a very long time, or you might get a white residue on your equipment that is extremely difficult to get off (from what I've heard).

One thing I've heard about Oxiclean, though, is that some containers are perfumed -- you definitely want to avoid that. The stuff I get at Costco here is unscented and works well.

I use Oxyclean on just about everything.  However, it is only used as a cleaner.  Immediately after using my equipment, it gets a 1 - 2 hour soaking in hot Oxy solution.  Also, bottles get a soaking in Oxy before they are sanitized with Idophor, but I don't bottle much anymore.  It is a very effective and cost effective cleaner.

One additional benefit of Oxyclean is that it works great for removing labels.  


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