Author Topic: Brew Hardware Weldless High Port Whirlpool  (Read 5681 times)

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Brew Hardware Weldless High Port Whirlpool
« on: April 01, 2014, 06:14:49 PM »
Hello -  I recently purchased a weldless high port whirlpool arm from Brew Hardware to add to my 15 gallon MoreBeer heavy duty kettle.   It took me a while to decide that I wanted  drill a hole in my kettle,  but I finally broke down and went with a weldless type fitting,  knowing that I can always have a welded fitting put into the hole at a later date.

The quality of the whirlpool is very high.  Bobby at BH does a  great job and uses tubing with a large diameter  provide maximum flow.

The tube has a 10" drop so the mounting hole is at the very top of the kettle,  eliminating any potential  for leaks.

If you are looking to add a whirlpool port to your brew kettle I would highly recommend taking a look at what Brew Hardware has to offer.