Author Topic: How do I adjust boil time in timer to include additions during boil?  (Read 5816 times)

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How do I adjust the boil time in the timer to have timer alarm when it is time to add ingredients or immersion cooler during boil process?

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The overall length of the boil timer is set by boil time in the design tab.

For items like Irish Moss, nutrient and wort chillers; create these as items in the Misc database. A lot of items are already there. For Misc items, you can set the time of the addition as well as how the item would scale to future recipes.

For just one item regardless of batch size, like the chiller, you'd set this to be 1 "item" for 0 gallons/liters. PRO TIP: If you use the inventory feature to track things, set this inventory to something astronomical like 1000. This will prevent you from being annoyed by BeerSmith telling you that you don't have one.

A trick is for kettle sugars. By default, BeerSmith doesn't let you change the boil timing (this may get changed in a future update). However, if you change the Type to "extract" in the item view window, you can set an addition time late in the boil. One you select a time, you can change the type back to "sugar" but the time set will still show in the recipe.

Since things like the chiller and Irish Moss will be in virtually every recipe, you can create a baseline default that has all of the items you'd normally have. I have a basic list of base malt, favorite bittering hop, typical yeast, plus all or the normal items in mine. This way, every new recipe has these things already there and all I have to do is customize the malt and hops.

To set this up:
•Open your main recipe folder.
•Select Add Recipe.
•Select your equipment profile, favorite mash & fermentation profiles.
•Select a typical default style profile that is close to what you brew often, like IPA.
•Add the Misc items you put in every beer.
•Optionally, add in ingredients you always use, like base malt or extract and a favorite yeast.
•Give this recipe a generic name, like "Starting Point"
•Click "Save as Default" from the ribbon. It's hidden in plain sight, in small letters next to the "remove from inventory" icon.
•IMPORTANT: Your default recipe doesn't have to be stored in your recipe folder if you don't want it to be. BeerSmith will conjure it up every time you select "Add Recipe"
Now you can just select this recipe, change the name and create away! the new recipe won't change the default. But, as you change things, you can just update the default.
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