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What's cooking this weekend?

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I'm brewing a Bavarian Weizen this about you?


I'm not brewing anything, but I am cooking my liver starting pretty soon! Today's brewpub day -- haven't been there in a while, so I thought I'd take the opportunity today to go and have a nice liquid lunch.

Cheers (hick)! :D

Nuffin'! Back to back weekend AG batches that didn't turn out so hot took their toll. Tonight I kegged my stout after 5 days in primary for cask conditioning (it was once called "Keep It Simple Stout", but is now going to be known as "Big Fat Flop of a Stout"). Ordinarily, I'd go a little longer than that for cask conditioning, but this beer started at 1.031... hardly going to need much conditioning.

In the meantime, I might be scoring some kegs to convert for AG this weekend or shortly thereafter. Whee!

More pressing, however, is getting the lawn cleaned up... snow is beginning to fall.

Colin - Have faith!

 Remember that Guiness draft has a very low OG - around 1.035 or so and it is one of my all time favorites.  Your stout may be just fine.

 All grain has its own rewards - but it does take a bit of time to work out all the kinks.


Well, now that I've resolved the thermometer wackiness issue, the faith has returned. It's just more time than I can invest this weekend, though, to brew another batch. Maybe next weekend...

I'm not so much worried about the low gravity of the stout, as I am with the fact that I put about 42-43 IBUs in there, and I don't want all the roasty goodness to be squashed by excessive bitterness. Live and learn, I guess. For some reason, I only ended up with a little over 4 gallons in the keg. I really have to get this volume thing figured out as well. Of course, my boiling equipment leaves a little to be desired, hence the reason that I'm exploring keg conversion options.

Thanks for the support, and one of these days, I will meet with AG success!


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