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Add on recipes
« on: October 20, 2015, 10:20:51 PM »
Will Beersmith ever be updated with newer Northern Brewer recipes?  Looking at their website they have quite a few new ones. 

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Re: Add on recipes
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2015, 09:49:02 AM »
BeerSmith comes seeded with a few starter recipes. There are literally hundreds of recipe sources available, including the BeerSmith cloud. There is no reasonable way to determine which ones would be of interest to every brewer. It would easily be more than a full time job, but we are all volunteers, here.

When you find an interesting recipe, it's a very easy to just add it into your recipe database.

To expedite the process of adding new recipes, I recommend that you create a default that has all of the basic information you'd apply to almost every recipe. It's pretty easy and very handy.

First, start by adding a new recipe and adding your equipment profile. Populate it with some basic levels of malt and hops, along with yeast, irish moss and everything else you'd use to create wort. Then add your favorite mash, fermentation and carbonation profiles. As one least step, you can zero out all of the "measured" fields, so that you have a clean slate for your inputs.

Once you have the recipe settled, give it a generic name and click the "save as default" button that's on the home ribbon (hidden in plain sight) and confirm.

Now, each time you add a recipe, your standard procedures and equipment are already baked in. It's easy to just substitute and add what you need for customizing a particular recipe. If you need to update the base line ingredients or procedures, you can then just re-save it as the default recipe.
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