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Hello from Brazil!
« on: July 04, 2016, 05:53:21 AM »
Hi everyone!

I am from Ipatinga MG, Brazil (look it up) and started home brewing about four months ago.

I am on my 4th batch (Belgian Golden Ale, almost ready to drink!) using with my homemade equipment:
   20 L batch size,
   27 L mash/lauter tun + boiler, with a homemade filter (used a braided metal hose),
   14 L kettle (for sparging), and
   15 m chiller that I made from a pancake aluminum tube (that's right!),
   20 L food grade white bucket as a fermenter (fermentor?).

Total cost was about 30% the retail prices.

As of today, i haven't used any hydrometer/refractometer, airlock, iodine test or even a sanitizer (!), but I will get there ::).

I've just bought Beersmith 2 and already love it! The last couple weeks, my friends and I started creating our own recipes.

Also, I've found a Lang.xml file that translates some of the menus and tips to Portuguese (BR) but its incomplete and kind of misleading. Right now I am on a mission to enhance and finish the translation so my Brazilian friends (known and unknown) can better enjoy the software. When I am done, I'll upload the file wherever possible!