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Single bottle wine dispensing
« on: November 22, 2019, 08:48:49 PM »
I'd like to set up wine dispensing by the bottle. Coravin is nice, but is awkward to use (and slow and expensive). WineKeeper and others are nice, but more than I'd like to spend. And, since I've got tubing, manifolds, rubber stoppers, stainless tubing, etc, I'd like to put together my own little multiple single bottle dispenser instead of paying for a kit from WineKeepper, etc.

Where I get stuck is the regulator...I really want to use one of the little mini nitrogen regulators and a basic party tap...this would give me the flexibility to host a party with 4 or 5 wines on a lazy susan, with a small cartridge and manifold hidden away in the middle. But when I'm not hosting (because, it would only really be holidays), I want to use the same regulator on a permanent setup attached to a 2.5# or 5# tank....then, also maybe use for beer or coffee later down the line...the main ask is for it to be small and discrete.

Has anyone come up with a discrete, low profile way to do this? I've used a professional machine in the only needs a few PSI to push the wine, and those few PSI are not enough to push out the rubber stopper. I can get stainless tubing cut and bent, and inserting a short tube and a long tube into a 2 hole drilled rubber stopper is not hard or expensive. For now, I'll just connect a party tap to start with until I can figure how to make a better on-bottle tap./

If anyone has done this,I'd appreciate your feedback...