Author Topic: Measured Post Boil Vol different then Est.  (Read 2465 times)

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Measured Post Boil Vol different then Est.
« on: February 06, 2017, 05:38:13 PM »
Just did a Oatmeal Stout brew last weekend. Pre-boil vol: 6.9g @ 1.053... Post boil 5.3 gal @ 1.070 .  60 min boil. Figure around 20% evaporation rate. I think this is a lot, but I have a wide kettle. Whatever the reason....

My question is HOW DO I INPUT/CHANGE POST BOIL VOL IN MY RECIPE? I have tried adjusting my evaporation rate in equipment, but doesn't transfer over to recipe. What decides what the post boil vol is in Beersmith. I would like to be able to put in my actual post boil vol in hopes that it will increase my total water needed so I have 5 gal into the fermenter. After trub loss I was around 4.g into fermenter

Thanks in advance

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Re: Measured Post Boil Vol different then Est.
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2017, 09:37:36 AM »
Let's start with your last question:  'What decides what the post boil vol is in Beersmith.'

Beersmith works by the user setting the batch size desired into the fermenter.  Then it uses the user inputs for 'loss to trub and chiller', 'boil off rate', and 'lauter tun losses' to calculate the volume of water at each step of the process.  These inputs are found in the equipment profile and should be customized for your particular process.

It will reflect that volume of water based upon the temperature at which a reading would normally be taken.  So, for instance, the volume to fermenter is at ambient temperature whereas the post mash volume would reflect the thermal expansion (cooling shrinkage) entered in the equipment profile.

So your readings of 6.9 gal pre-boil wort and 5.3 gal post boil wort over 60 minutes would give you an evaporation rate of (6.9-5.3) 1.6 gallons for your hour of boil off.  [I am assuming that both of your readings are hot temperature readings.]  So if you open your equipment profile and change your evaporation rate to gal/hr this will be one correction that should lead to correcting your water balance.  It is also advisable to check your other losses to make sure those are correct as well.

Once you have corrected your equipment profile, open your recipe and change it to the new equipment profile. [helpful hint: I add the date of updates to the equipment profile name so that I can see if I am working with my latest version.]  Since BeerSmith treats every recipe as an (almost) self contained archive, the changes externally to your equipment profile will not affect any recipe until you update the equipment profile in that recipe.

Getting the profiles correct is a big part of making the software accurate for your system and method of brewing and the more accurate you can be with your measurements, the better the software will perform for you.
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