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Sparge in Water Tool
« on: February 11, 2017, 06:19:23 AM »
The main thing that keeps me from using the water tool in Beersmith is the inability to separate mash chemistry from sparge chemistry. As it stands, for all of the bells and whistles, the Beersmith Water Tool is unfortunately useless to me.

I mainly use the Bru'n Water spreadsheet with my own added tweaks. Short wish list:
  • Ability to assign water additions at both the "Sparge" and "Mash" stages.
  • Assign different PH values for mash and sparge
  • Add differing amounts of water chemicals at mash and sparge (similar to Bru'n Water).
  • Option to add additional sparge water (for example, I sparge with an extra half gallon to make sure I end up with enough wort).

It sucks to have to add my grain bill each time to Bru'n Water. Beersmith has all of the information needed to make an outstanding integrated water tool. Unfortunately in it's current state, it lacks the basic requirements.

Please take this as constructive criticism and not bashing. In my opinion, the water tool is the only aspect of Beersmith that is severely lacking. Everything else about it I love!