Author Topic: Suggestion: Updates to the Mash schedule  (Read 2207 times)

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Suggestion: Updates to the Mash schedule
« on: March 14, 2017, 08:59:21 AM »
Hi Brad,

Been using your program for a little while to build recipes and have 2 suggestions on the mash tab - If there is something that I have missed and these suggestions are already possible, then please let me know! 

- Adding in a mash step affects the FG & ABV regardless of the time spent at that step. i.e. if I start mashing at 64 deg C and step to 67 for 1 min, before mash out of 77, the FG is much higher than if I just ramp slowly from 64 to 77. Is it not possible to incorporate 'time @ step' into the FG calculations?

- Mash pH - currently only uses base water profile and grain bill. Is it not possible to use the adjusted water salts and acid volumes in this calc to give a more accurate estimate?

Thanks for the great tool! Super helpful.