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Total grain weight in recipe view


I see that you can view the total weight of the grains you use in a mash when you look at a recipe in the preview pane. What I'd like to see is that value inside the recipe formulation mode, so as I add grains, I can see how much I'm using. I don't necessarily know why I want this, but I always, without fail, look for this number when I'm designing a recipe.


Quite possible -- I just need to find room on the main recipe entry screen for it (its mainly a space issue).


Coolness. I can see how space could be an issue, and I agree that you don't want to mess with aesthetics too much--it's what makes Beersmith easy to use (for me anyhow).

What about a line below the 'Ingredients' box and above the 'Beer Profile' box? You could tally grain here, along with hops... I don't know what else... something else might come to mind.


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