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Fully automated 1/2 barrel brew system


Eve C:
Trying to move this system to make room for a larger one. This system is a fully automated 1/2 barrel (15 gallons) brewing system. It has a water filtering system along with a built in cooling coil. Everything is controlled from a PLC which will run a batch, start to finish, with minimal supervision. The system fills the hot liquor tank and heats to strike temperature, then moves the heated water to the grain bed while filling the HLT back up to set the fly sparging temperature. Once the grain has soaked it will recirculate the grain bed and move the product to the boil kettle while fly sparging at the same time. Once everything is moved to the boil kettle, it will boil for the designated time you set in the recipe. As the boil completes the allotted time, it with automatically cool the wort for the fermentation process. The system can also be used in manual so you can control the valves and pumps with the HMI touch screen. This system is ideal for test batching. Price is negotiable.  Please email me for pics or with questions. cook@hundehausbrewing.com Located in Houston TX. Paypal accepted.

That is a sweet setup!  Out of pure curiosity, may I ask how much you're hoping to charge?

Eve C:
We would like to get 4,500 for this one.

out of curiosity, is this still available?


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