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BeerSmith has erased my recipes in BeerView...


I have been using my BeerSmith program since 2007. I have never had any issues with it, unbtil about 3 months ago. All of my recipes, and that is a lot of recipes, have an issue now. The recipes are still there in the recipe log, but when I click on the recipe twice to enter recipe view, their is nothing in the "ingredients" pane. Wierd thing is that all of my notes are still in the notes section though. I am hoping that it's just a simple click fix as I am finding it to be quite a pain in the ass to build a recipe in normal recipe mode. Any help on this one? 

Are you still using BeerSmith 1.4?

If so you can try the following:

  In most cases this is caused by a corrupt "newopts14.opts" file.

  By default BeerSmith is in the "C:\Program Files\BeerSmith" directory.

  However under Vista you may also have a "Compatibility files" directory that shows up on the toolbar when you go to the BeerSmith directory.  This is where your data and the opts file likely lives.  The full path to the compatibility diectory is:  C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\BeerSmith

  where {USERNAME} is your login name for Vista/Win 7.

  Note that on many systems this is a hidden/system directory which will not show up unless you go into the options for Windows file explorer and set it to show hidden/system files.

  If you delete the newopts14.opts directory there you should be in business. 

Let me know if you have continued problems!  So far we've had no one lose any data and I've been able to get everyone back up and running quickly.


Brad Smith


     Thanks for the reply. It really is much appreciated in today's world of falling customer service. As far as my Beersmith program, I did what you described above, and I am still having the same issue.  :-\  Also, how do I tell which Beersmith program I am running?


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