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Fermenter top-up
« on: November 20, 2017, 12:23:10 AM »
Hi Brad, I operate a 1.5 BB commercial nano in SE Asia.  I am trying to squeeze out as much beer as possible into my fermenters and taken to brewing at a higher gravity and adding water to dilute in the fementer and build up the volume.  All goes well and I have gained 50% on my usual volumes.


In respect of Beersmith, I dial in my bottling volume, dial in the fermenter addition, BUT there is no adjustment in the pre-boil SG or OG. It shows a the OG as though the fermenter addition is in the kettle e.g. it predicts 1.040 when actual is 1.054.  My work around is in using the software is to reduce the bottling volume by the fermenter addition and then recalculate the OG by hand afterwards. Am I doing something wrong or is this something that can be included in future versions?