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OK, so maybe it's not a crucial addition...


...but it would cool for photo-chopping geeks like me.

I design my own labels. I think it would be cool to be able to display your labels from within BeerSmith, and link them to the recipe to which they belong. Then, whenever I brew a new batch, or brew a new version of a particular beer, I can print the label right from there. That would be cool...

OK, so I know it's not critical, but man, that would be the frosting  :D

Not a bad idea at all!

I was looking into adding some label design features in the future...perhaps the ability to import a graphics file and use that for label printing would be better than trying to build an entire embedded graphics editor (which is a lot of work!).

What do you think?


Yeah, I think built-in image editing support is a little beyond the scope of the program... though that would be cool  8)

Seriously though, just the ability to import a JPG or PNG or TIF would be suitable. Would the BSM file format be able to embed the image data in a raw format, or would the image file be externally linked? Not that it would matter on one's own system, but if you were to send a recipe file to someone else, it would be cool to keep that image attached.

Or have a small thumbnail of the image embedded....

That would be GREAT as far as matching my "modus operandi"!  I do labels with every batch and right now keep them in a separate directory.  Most, I've lost over the years, due to upgrading my computer every few years and missing some files in the transfer.  It would be really nice to have them all in one place and be able to link them to a recipe.  BTW, if you have "Homebrewing for Dummies" I did 2 of the 6 labels in the book...just look at the ones with Stayed Home Brewery on the top and a pig on each label (they screwed up the names and gave some other guy credit for one).   My 15 minutes of fame, such as it is.  ;D


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