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Howdy from north of Seattle
« on: March 14, 2018, 07:44:38 PM »
 been home brewing for a couple years now, and all-grain as of Jan '18. what started as a group buy of five guys buying the gear from a guy getting out of brewing has slowly dwindled down to just me flying solo with all the others losing interest or simply not having the available time to brew a batch at least 1-2 times per year

 last weekend was my third all-grain and third brewday this year - a Russian Imperial Stout. new for this brew was my Rednekk HERMS on the cheap setup to extend temp control during mashing. nothing fancy beyond a wort chiller coil in my HLT recirculated back into the insulated mash tun. this rig worked like a champ, and I was easily able to control mashing temps (even better since I continue to miss target temp on this Chapman insulated tun, even with pre-heating to 165F before adding the 22 pounds of grain to the 165F water)

 I recently swapped over to kegging, and have a homebuilt kegerator with two taps. why I waited so long to do this I have no idea. I can always bottle the remnants of a keg when I'm ready to change up what's pouring ... but so far no keg has lasted that long  ;D

 next up is an Imperial Red and then another Imperial IPA
homemade beer and basses - how sweet it is!