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Pleased to be here
« on: August 01, 2018, 05:21:59 AM »
Hi there. I'm a UK all grain homebrewer. Garage set-up using a modified 10 gal SS barrel as HLT/Kettle, modified 45L thermos box as mash tun, home made copper coil wort chiller etc (I blame Mr Palmer). Brewing an average of 10 gallons/month. Mostly IPA variations with occasional bitters, porters and stouts. Sharing the workload and the produce with a brewmate. I'm relatively new to BeerSmith (app and software) having switched from the iBrewMaster app. Best move I made. Very impressed with the ease of use, level of detail/tweakability and most of all the amount of support and the large user community. Itching to ask some questions of the software...I'm off to search the forum now...Cheers!