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Re: pH
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Glad to be of some help.  When breweries or other home brewers are adding acid to the water, it is usually because their experience has already indicated that they will need the acid to overcome the alkalinity of their water or to help dial in the mash pH based upon using a lot of light colored malts.  Some of this can be predicted by several of the water adjustment spreadsheets available in addition to BeerSmith, but I caution against making drastic moves without a definitive pH measurement to react to.  pH prediction is really only as accurate as the information which is fed into them, and right now few of them are able to account for the wide variety of base malts available around the world.  This leads to a starting pH from the grains which already is only accurate within a 0.3 pH unit range (based upon current testing of base malts in DI water). 
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