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Grain absorption in equipment profile
« on: September 27, 2018, 06:24:23 PM »
I love BS3 and am amazed at how good it is.  Especially the water management tool - well done Brad!

Despite this, it is a struggle that it is so difficult to record what I actually measure each step of the way.  I've been adjusting mash tun addition, tun deadspace and kettle top up (using negative numbers frequently) to try to manipulate the program into recording simple things, like grain absorption.  How is it that this program, while being excellent at predicting roughly where things will be, falls down when recording your observations.  I've brought this up a few times now, with no responses and no change.

Of note, Oginme has frequently commented on how useful it would be to have the grain absorption set as part of the individual equipment profile.  I think he is right - at least it would be easier to manipulate the program into actually representing a brew day once it is done.

Brad - can you please look at this?