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Using BS3 to create a Cider


I'm trying BS3 to build a cider recipe and am getting unexpected OG estimates.  In the primary will be 5 gallons of fresh pressed cider along with 3 quarts of Vintner's Best Strawberry Wine Base. The wine base alone should result in an OG of around 1.077 in water yet in cider, BS3 says OG will be 1.052.  The last time I made this, the combined OG was 1.152 in primary.

It's almost like BS3 isn't using the wine base as a fermentable.  Any suggestions?

I've attached the exported recipe here.

The cider is whole juice. The strawberry is an extract getting diluted. You've got it listed as juice (as if it's already diluted).

Set the strawberry as extract with the potential of 1.046. Add the extract as a weight and the proper gravity will be calculated.

One thing to know is that sugar additions in the secondary or bottling are not included in the OG calculation. You'll only see the gravity through your first strawberry extract addition.

I see a potential OG of 1.106 to 1.110. I'm not sure where the 1.152 would come from with the ingredients listed, unless the volume was less.

Ahhhhhhhhh, thank you!!! That made all the difference.


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