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Hey there!

I'm hoping that somebody besides me wanted this.  I just went through and created a new BSMX file of all of Briess' Malts, Grains, Adjuncts, and Extracts.  I used the old Briess.BSM file as a starting point.

The data for this new file comes from Briess' Technical Sheets where available.  There are 86 "Fermentables" in this file. Many grains have updated specs, and all of the extracts now have the correct SRM.  I went through and added all of the fermentable products available on the website.

I hope this helps y'all.

Robb Burden

Thanks much for sharing!

My pleasure, cheers!

Thanks Robb!  That took some serious time and effort!  Now for the old man question...... how do you get it integrated into the software?  I've put a copy of your file in the same folder as the original Briess package, I've "uninstalled" the original Briess file, restarted everything, and....nothing.  I can open your file, but not able to "install" it (not showing up in the Add-on menu).  I assume I'm missing something?

It would be nice if it were a direct import such as with the add-ons.   It is, however, not too difficult.  Open up the Briess ingredient file in BeerSmith and then open up your 'fermentables' file.  Click and highlight the grains you want to transfer in the Briess window and then right click and paste them into the fermentables file.


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