Author Topic: Grainfather--setting up Infusion steps--increase of temp not water  (Read 1390 times)

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Good Morning,

New to the software. I watched the Brulosophy setting up multiple steps, but it seems that that was adding heated waiter to get to the next step. I, in turn would have my approximately 4 gallons water, heated to the proper temp (adding a few degrees to the first one to make up for the grain temperature).

After that rest is done, I increase the temp to the next step, and start the clock. No water is added, until after mash out when I sparge.

I save the recipe in BeerSmith and export to the GF software to automate my brew day. Any thoughts on this greatly appreciated.

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Re: Grainfather--setting up Infusion steps--increase of temp not water
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In your mash profile, you designate this temperature rise as a 'temperature' step.  Designate the water to be added as 0 since there is no infusion of watert and estimate (or if you have already information, designate) the time of the temperature rise with the Grainfather and the duration at this step.
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