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So when I bought Beersmith3 is it possible to get Mobile as part of the deal. It would be nice to use my ipad when brewing and my desktop for creating recipes and archiving my brews. package deal....

Bob Pearcecdb

From the FAQ page on the BeerSmith web site:

Is the Mobile Version a Separate Purchase
Yes, because licensing and distribution for mobile devices is controlled by the respective stores (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon) I am not able to bundle the mobile apps with a desktop license at this time.  I can only set one price for all users.  Purchase ?BeerSmith Mobile? from iTunes, Google Play or on the Amazon app store.
Ok good enough. Just asking. Would be a nice idea though.

I suppose the same applies in my case - I'm looking at replacing my computer (it's ooooollllddd) and was debating going to a tablet - if I get an android tablet I'd have to purchase Beersmith again? I assume I'd be able to import my recipes though?


A word of caution taken from experience. If you already plan on buying the desktop version SKIP the mobile version. I find very little if any value in it at all. It's a good thing that it doesn't cost all that much because it is the biggest waste of money on an app I've ever spent. The only thing I have ever found remotely useful is the brew day timer and ever since I bought an Amazon Echo I just have Alexa time my steps for me. The desktop... I find invaluable. The mobile... useless.


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