Author Topic: Equipment & Mash Profile "Use Template" or "Keep in Sync with Master List"  (Read 3755 times)


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Ok, I'm not sure how to best state this, so please bear with my rambling...

I would really like to have a single copy of a Mash Profile where the "Master" copy is located in the BeerSmith -> Views -> Mash Profiles section.  I would like to be able to "link" or "connect" the "Master" copy to each recipe as a "referential copy" - kinda a "read-only" version which "points" back to the "Master" copy.

This would allow me to maintain the "Master" copy and have all recipes with that Mash Profile automatically reflect any fine tuning changes.

The same concept would be great for the Equipment list also.

I can see the existing benefit of creating a "standalone" recipe; which includes all the equipment & mash profile detail in a single "location".  Makes exports nice & easy too.

Just thinking about how I'm constantly "fine tuning" my equipment & mash profiles...

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  Thanks - I agree it would be nice - perhaps I can just add a button to "Update" the profile from your database.

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Yes, or a check box on the recipe screen for "Keep Updated" (or something like that)