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« on: April 22, 2021, 06:24:01 PM »
Is there every going to be a fix for shrinkage and the preboil/post boil calculations?

1. Make a normal recipe, look at preboil SG in "Session"
2. Edit the equipment and make shrinkage 0% instead of 4%
3. Go back to the "session"
4. Look at how your preboil SG jumped 4% and the mash efficiency stayed the same

SG is measured at room temp so you would be cooling your sample and measuring.  The SG does not go "up" with temp unless your measuring HOT and uncorrected for temp (which would be unreliable).  The SG in BS is somehow tied to the expansion of the liquid.  It moves by the exact percentage of your shrinkage.

I've posted some bugs/tickets and this seems to get ignored.   The only thing that should be affected by shrinkage should be volume, not SG.