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Barrel tap directly on barrel
« on: September 16, 2020, 04:48:26 PM »
Hi all. I have, like most people, hoses going from my 50L barrels up to a tap tower. This hoses is appr. 1 meter long. There is always an issue around hygiene inside these hoses, and inside the tap tower. I have made a system to easy rinse the tower. See drawing. I can turn off a valve from the barrel, open a valve from a nearby cornelius barrel with StarSan mixed water, bothe connected in a T-joint, open the tower tap and rinse out the beer. I know it is hard to believe, but sometimes several days go by without tapping!! Then I think it is a good idea to rinse through the tap tower.
The system works fine, but there is still a piece of hose from the barrel that is not rinsed. I could of course mouth the rinse system closer to the barrel, but I dont want to waste so much beer.

So here is what I wounder: Has anybody tried to mount a barrel tap directly on top of the barrel? Then all hoses are gone. I have heard this will result in a lot of foaming, but I cannot see why. The hoses I use are at least the same size as the hole in the connection on the barrel, so there are no pressure reduction from the barrel to the tap tower even with a 1 meter hose. On a cornelius barrel it is normal to use a 1 meter very thin hose to get a natural reduction of the pressure, but on a tap tower you have adjustable tap to control this. So if the pressure is the same in both ends, at all times, will it not work to put the tap directly on top of the barrel connection? Anybody?
Of course, my rinsing system will be difficult to use, but it is the idea I want to investigate. And are there "directly on barrel" tap?s to be purchased?

Would really appriciate a discussion arround this issue.
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