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Mobile 3.1.9 Javascript error on IOS 13.7


Hi. I'm running the mobile app (3.1.9) on my Iphone IOS 13.7. When i open a cloud recipe and select Brew Session Data i am getting the following message "Javascript error: script error. on line 0 for"  At this point the app doesn't allow me to do anything including cancel so i have to close the app and then restart it. I have about 9 cloud recipes, some work ok and some don't. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app with no change. Any suggestions would be appreciated as i would hate to lose the ability to update brew session data during the brew day.

I'm not a super technical person, nor am I support for beersmith, but I would check and make sure you didn't accidentally turn off javascript somewhere. I have done this in safari and had issues for weeks before I figured it out. I hope this helps.

Not sure you have access to the desktop but I believe this might be recipe specific.  Could you possibly export one of the bad recipes to BSMX format and then send it to my email beersmith at


Thanks for the input. I checked the javascript setting on my phone and it is turned on. I also emailed two recipes (one that works on my phone and one that gets the error message) to Beersmith. Hopefully there will be an easy fix with a recipe setting or something so I can get back on track.
Thanks; Jim


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