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BS3.1 keeps telling me Another copy running

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I deleted BS3.1 and then  reloaded it and it still says  "another copy running" I hit Run anyways and then tells me program not working. I am running win 7 have had this program for years never bee a problem till i went to BS3. Any suggestions?

I've found by closing all the modules with the red x and then close stops this.

Did the document directory change? On one of the updates tp BS3, it changed my data directory from where it had always been (in mydocuments).  I started having this issue.

The issue is a .lck file it is in the data directory is not being deleted when BS3 closes. For some reason, windows or antivirus is keeping it locked. BS3 uses this file to determine if it is already running.  You can delete this lock file to get rid of the issue. it is in the data directory.

I deleted .lck and beersmith still tells me "another copy running"  I then deleted and restarted and still the same. I then deleted bs3 entirely and  downloaded it again, deleted .lck, same thing no luck.

Are you running on Windows? Check this path for a lck file


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