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Increase/decrease amount/time adjustments


OK, here's a nutty one:

What if, in the Recipe View, you could use the Control or Shift keys to change the increment on the Increase/Decrease Amount/Time buttons?

Right now, Increase/Decrease Amount works in "quarter of" increments... as in a quarter of an ounce, or quarter of a pound (for us State-side brewers, anyway). What if holding down either the Control or Shift buttons (on the keyboard) would change that increment--just as a temporary override. For instance, Control could up that to "half of", and Shift could up it to "whole" values. Time could be adjusted similarly, like in 5 and then 10 minute increments.

I know that you can double-click on each ingredient and change the values directly, but I like to be able to see the changes that are taking place as I move the ingredient amounts and times around. Stepping in largely increments would be a very cool option.

Just one of those crazy thoughts, ya know... 8)

Not a bad idea!

I can't guarantee it will make it in the very next version as I already have a pretty extensive list of items to complete at the moment, but I will certainly add it to my "to do" list.



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