Author Topic: Constant crashing, locked out of cloud recipes for 1 hour each time.  (Read 1235 times)

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Is there a fix for the constant crashing on MacOS when editing cloud recipes? This is getting ridiculous. Each crash means I'm locked out of opening up a cloud recipe until the 1 hour time limit hits. When I can edit a recipe, it lasts about 3-5 minutes before the software shuts down.

My info:
MacOS Big Sur (11.1) running on a late 2016 MB Pro 15-in w/16MB memory.
BeerSmith 3 v.3.0.8

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I've been running Beersmith on an old 2013 Macbook Air for almost a decade and it has never crashed on me. It may be your machine or a setting that is creating a conflict somewhere. The best course of action is to email Brad directly.
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  You need to update to the 3.1 (or newer) update as the old version will crash on the latest OSX versions including Big Sur.  The 3.1 and upcoming 3.2 updates work fine.

  They are available on the main download page.

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