Author Topic: Why does beer occur spewing phenomenon?  (Read 1707 times)

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Why does beer occur spewing phenomenon?
« on: June 07, 2021, 01:15:58 AM »
Why does beer occur spewing phenomenon?

When open the bottle beer,the beer is decompressed, sometimes the abnormal simmering and alcoholism will occur. Even a bottle of beer will go out more than half of the bottle. This is called the spout of beer.

Factors causing beer gushing
Main factor
(1) Damp of barley
Many molds are grown on damp barley (auxiliary rice), and Rhizopus, Brassica and Fusarium can produce a peptide substance that causes beer to spurt. The use of such barley to make malt, which is used to brew beer, can cause severe gushing.

(2) Metal ions

Some metal ions, especially nickel and iron ions, are prone to spatter. Nickel is spattered in the presence of a different alpha-acid.

(3) Calcium oxalate

Under certain conditions, fine crystal particles formed by calcium oxalate can also cause beer to spew.

(4) Isomerized hop extract

Beers prepared with isomerized hop extracts sometimes have a gushing phenomenon.

2. Secondary factors

(1) shaking and vibrating

Shaking and vibration are necessary conditions for causing spatter, but they are not sufficient conditions for causing spatter.

(2) Temperature

Both sterilized and non-sterilized beer can be sprayed, and the sprayed beer can be repeatedly sterilized, and the gushing phenomenon can be improved; chilling can sometimes cause gushing.

(3) The role of oxygen and other gases

When a gas with low solubility escapes from the beer, it often causes a large amount of carbon dioxide to be released, causing a gushing phenomenon.

(4) Beer filtration

Beer contains substances that induce spatter and suppress spatter. After adsorption filtration, spatter suppression substances are often adsorbed and cause spitting.