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Filling beer into kegs manually


Laura Houra:
There are mainly three types of beer packaging methods: bottled, canned and kegged/barreled. Because of its short shelf life, the kegged beer are most suitable for local sales. So in most of craft beer breweries, the keg filling is very common job.

For the beer brewery system within 1000L, the manual keg filling is quite popularily used. Not only because it doesn?t take up much installation space, but also need quite low investment. Yes, now the protagonist is the beer filling coupler.  The keg coupler with two kinds of using method actually:

(1). Filling beer from fermenters to kegs
Now the ?GAS IN? port is for venting CO2 from keg, we suggest to have a manual controlled valve here for controlling the CO2 flow out slowly. The fast flowing speed would cause lots of foam inside the keg and that is not good for full filling the keg.

(2). Transferring beer out from kegs
Now the ?GAS IN? port is for adding CO2 into the keg, the pressure inside would help to push the beer out from top of the coupler.

If you prefer a faster beer filling speed, it is available to customzize a devide that could connect 3~6 beer coupler working together at the same time.
Welcome to discuss with me if you know any other better keg filling methods.


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