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BeerSmith Closing unexpectedly


Verson 2.3.7
Mac OS Big Sur: 11.5.2

This version had been working fine on my Mac.  If I simply open the program or create a new recipe (NOTHING done in newly created recipe, no ingredients, no name change, nothing...) the program will remain open.  If I attempt to add an ingredient to my newly created recipe BeerSmith will close when I click OK to add an ingredient to my recipe.  My computer then provides an error message that "BeerSmith2 quit unexpectedly".  My operating system was updated to Big Sur 11.5.2 several weeks ago.  The problem did not occur before this update.


Looks like you need to get BS 3.2.7

Yes 3.2.7 is needed for Big Sur - it is on the main download page.



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