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Hello From Cincinnati
« on: April 03, 2009, 11:36:01 PM »

My name is Bill.  I am a 33 year old college student and plan to enter a seminary of The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod when I get my B.A. in psychology.  Lutherans have a fine tradition of brewing and I am sure when I learn to brew good beers I'll be one of the most popular men on campus.

I just ordered my set up today from Norther Brewer.  I went all out.  7 1/2 gal brew pot, wort chiller, two glass carboys, all the sundries, and my first two kits are going to be an Irish Red Ale and a Scottish 80 Shilling.  I've been reading all the books, watching all the YouTubes, and even a commercial video for about six months.  I can't wait!


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Re: Hello From Cincinnati
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Welcome to the forum. Best of luck on the Seminary and the brewing. Let us know if we can help (With the brewing part that is).

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Re: Hello From Cincinnati
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Welcome aboard Bill!  I am flanked by various churches in my neighborhood and my neighbor was quick to point out that I'm welcome to drink with her and the other Lutherans at any time.  ;)

Good Job on getting a 7.5 gal pot.  You'll have much more flexibility with that than my 5 gal. 

+1 on just hollering for help.

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Re: Hello From Cincinnati
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Welcome - this is a great place for info and help

Brewing will test your patience and your faith (faith in fermentation), but in time will reward you in both areas.

Suggestion for brew day #1 .... a rough check list is better than any number of books - recipe sheets etc.
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