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It would be good to have a brew log that allowed you to enter information as you go.  Recipes are good, but we all end up changing something (either intentionally or not!), and it would be good to have a place where you could kind of free-style enter what you did (or how you screwed up!! lol) with this particular batch, and an area where you can log the results.  This way, you can have a running log of what happened (especially if the batch goes south!) to go back and try to see what went wrong, or, if you have a particularly good batch, what went right!

I think you can do this with the existing brew log.  For example, I like Stout so I frequently brew the same stout recipe with a few minor variations.  When I brew I will edit the recipe slightly and change the brew date, then enter the odd stuff in the notes section.

After I've brewed I add the entry to my brew log.  The net result is that I have a number of variations of my stout recipe in the brew log, each with a different date and slightly different conditions.

In some cases, I also name them uniquely to make it easier to identify different items.

I may have missed the boat on your suggestion - please let me know if you have something else in mind.



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